Level 4 Credit and Debt Exam - Question 3

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I have recently received my results from this exam.
I had to do a resit, thankfully I have now passed.
My issue is that the one question I revised as much as I think i possibly could, I received the worst marks on - Question 3. This was the case in both sets of results for the exams i sat. This time round i actually got less than the first time, however i exceeded all the other questions which is why i have now passed.
I spent between 30-45 minutes on question 3 both times i sat this exam and I was actually very confident i would have received somewhere between 9-14 marks, I have studied the mark scheme and knew what I needed to do to hit those marks. I included all calculations, and detailed analysis of every single bit of information that was given. My results say i received 6 out of 25 marks for this question!
I would just like to see if anyone else found similar in their results? Wondering if this is possibly an error in the exam submission, considering AAT had all those issues when Q2022 started and the fact this is a very new exam which can mean possible teething problems.
My head tells me to appeal as i'm sure i deserve better marks on this but then i'm also aware that i have actually passed and should probably just accept that!

Also, a separate error i have noticed on this website, I was not able to post this in the correct category as it only let me post to general discussion!


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    MELO_123 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    Update: I have now spoken to two people on facebook with the same issues.
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