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Hi I finished my MBA finance in 2007 and I want to go for job in UK. First I dono where to start and which level to start if I start AAT level 2 in accounting can I get any exemption or do I need to write full subject. Full of confusion


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    Hi @vasan

    Your best bet would be to speak to a training provider like Kaplan for example or a college who teaches AAT. As you did your MBA Finance in 2007 and unless you worked in Accounting or Finance you maybe be able to get some exemptions like starting on Level 3 or Level 4, or you could even do ACCA or CIMA as you are recognised as a mature student most likely and that you have an MBA Finance. It just depends what you wish to do, you could do chartered accountancy straight the way ACCA or CIMA but that is quite challenging if you havent studied or worked in accounting or finance since 2007. Just depends where you see yourself and what sector you want to work in

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    Hi Vasan,
    According your qualification I think you can start AAT from level 2. If you need exemption then I would recommend you to see AAT website ( https://www.aat.org.uk/qualifications-and-courses/exemptions-recognition-prior-learning), there you can get exemption checker and you can find your next steps.

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