Inconsistencies in ambiguous questions

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I have seen two similar questions, one in a BPP textbook and one from First Intuition.

The question relates to tax payable on savings & investment income.

The questions have exactly the same wording in the form: "What is the total income from investments on which tax will be paid?"

In the BBP answers they included the investment income on which tax will be paid at 0% (i.e the savings allowance) but in the FI answers they do not include the income taxable at 0% from the savings allowance, despite the wording of the question being exactly the same.

I can see either answer being correct, dependent on how you personally read the question BUT if the exact same wording is used in the AAT exam, what would the answer be from an official AAT standpoint?


  • anony123
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    Like 99% the question will not come up because there are two different answers both from BPP and First Intuition. However, if the question did come up, I would trust BPP even though First Intuition is very very similar. BPP follow the AAT syllabus word for word, but for me First Intuition basically summarise the stuff.
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