Brooksdale Ltd

payrollpro Registered Posts: 427 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Anyone know anything about Brooksdale Ltd? They are a tax claims company, seems a bit like a claims factory, but i have a client who has a tax refund due, doesnt know why, and the payment has gone to this company based on authorisations received by HMRC. Refund is based on a savings income claim which has has no knowledge of. Any intelligence on this company would help me investigate.


  • douglasstroud
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    Have a look on the HMRC Community forum, seems to be lots of posts about this Company and posters complaining about similar refunds going to them
  • payrollpro
    payrollpro Registered Posts: 427 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Thank you Douglas. I have trawled through a small number of the comments, gets too depressing to keep doing it. It staggers me that despite having so many comments and clear evidence this is a rogue tax refund factory HMRC insists on just accepting their existence. A new review is supposed to be starting into umbrella companies but this type of fraud doesn’t just slip through the net, HMRC doesnt even bother having a net!
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