I am in desperate need of guidance in my current situation.

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I am 32 years old from India, and I have ten years of work experience with two major MNCs in India, specifically in factory operations. Although I was always drawn to accounting from my first job, I didn't pursue a career in accounting back in India due to the dismal pay scale. With a dream of becoming an accountant, I came to the UK and took on various jobs to sustain myself, including working in an ice cream parlor and as a healthcare assistant. I pursued ACCA concurrently while working and completed NVQ 2 & 3. Now, I am attempting to secure an entry-level accounting job, but I am facing rejections due to a lack of experience in the UK. I tried applying for apprenticeships, but I am ineligible as I have not completed three years in the UK. I am desperate to work in an entry-level accounting position. Can someone please guide me on what steps I should take?


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    If you’re struggling to find paid employment then perhaps you could seek out some entry level voluntary work if you’re in a position to be able to - approach some small businesses and offer to work voluntarily to gain some experience.
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    Hi Conrad,

    Without a UK based job experience it's sill hard to get a job in UK now especially in MNC. I think you should keep trying as well you can do some voluntary work in any accounting practice organisation.

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