I completed Level 2 and 3 under 2010 syllabus. Can I complete level 4 under latest 2022 syllabus?

bdaws Registered Posts: 6 New contributor ?
As per the question - I understand there has been some changes in the syllabus and structures over the years and just want to make sure this won't set me back too much.

I already completed level 2 and 3 a while back under 2010 syllabus. Can anyone confirm this means I can go straight to the current level 4 exams to complete the qualification?

I do not need to re-take any level 2 or 3 exams?


    RAKTHER Registered Posts: 28 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐

    I think you need to contact with AAT straightway.

    Training Coordinator, Osborne Training.
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