Studying and Exam for Level 3 Qualified Bookkeeper

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Hi All, I'm just starting to read posts in this forum. I'm an accounting graduate from a different country (Philippines) and would like to get AAT Level 3 Qualified Bookkeeper certificate. I have not sit on any studies here in the UK and would like to know if:
1. Can I take the assessment even without enrolling with training providers?
2. Can I skip Level 1 and 2 and go straight to Level 3 assessment?(I have some confidence about the knowledge I have since I'm a degree holder though from different country.)
3. If ever I will seek training provider, can I study straight for level 3?

I really dont have any idea on how these works so any help is very much appreciated. Thank you very much!


  • mahnoortung
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    It is advised to do it through a training provider as the accounting in UK might be different from Philippines but you can give the assessments without enrolling with training providers by getting the valid AAT membership. You can do skill check on AAT website to see the best AAT qualification for you.

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    Osborne Training
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