tax return boxes, help please

some boxes missing on new tax return forms.
does anyone know where i should put info on grant income received for a new business start up, please?
Any other info wud be helpful too, thanks


  • deanshepherddeanshepherd Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 1,809Registered
    Self-employment pages?
  • PoodlePoodle Experienced Mentor Posts: 711Registered
    Any other busiess income not included in boxes 14,15 or 58 on the new SE (full) return should be entered into box 73. That includes Business Start-up Allowances (also known as Enterprise Allowance).

    If you are an aet you should have received a Seld Assessment Tax Returns Guide for the 07/08 tax year. If you have not received one then contact your tax office as they are free an a good reference source.

  • CHUNKYMONKEYCHUNKYMONKEY Feels At Home Posts: 29Registered
    thanks for help, much appreciated
    yeh got helpsheet but i question everything so if they are slightly ambiguous i get confused lol
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