So after all the posts, how did people find PTC and BTC?

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A few days to think back now. I think I did OK in business tax, but with personal tax I know I got a few things wrong, ie the PPR. What about others? Long time until the results though!


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    I didn't sit BTC, but I loved the PTC paper. :001_wub:

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    Speegs!!! You are so funny!! I am kicking myself as i thought the PTC paper was 'Easy' and concentrated on MAC and DFS more!! Therfore done no revision except the night before and 90% sure i failed!! But hey there's always december!
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    P.s. I dont advise no one to take 3 papers in one sitting!!!
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    Speegs, you seem pretty sure you passed. How come? Is it due to your PPR calculation, or what. How many papers have you done?

    I did three papers in December and passed all three.Was tough though
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    Fair play to you!! I'M pretty sure that if i studied a bit more i would have been ok! Although some things i would not have known at all!
    what exams did you do last december???
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    :thumbup1:Hi Yellow Harley.

    Well I don't know for sure if I have passed obviously. But I found the paper straight forward. I think this is because:

    1) I only had one paper to sit (PTC). This was the first attempt at PTC.

    2) I studied through BPP so we knew all about redundancy and also had PPR drummed into us.

    So I guess I had it easy.

    Well done for sitting three papers though. I would never attempt that. I did AAT the slow way. One paper and one skills per sitting. This is because I know there is no way I would have passed if I did anymore than that as I would seriously stress out.

    I really admire anyone who attempts more than one exam per sitting.:thumbup1:

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    I am very lucky that I treated redundancy payments as exempt. This was the right thing to do wasnt it? On the PPR all I forgot was the 36 months exemption at the end, so I had 60/137. Not too bad I dont think. I showed my working so I might only lose a few marks. Did you get 96/137?

    I did PCR, DFS and PEV in December, well one of those is kind of two papers anyway. Did BTC and PTC this time. Hopefully after that I will be finished.
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    Hi Yellow Harley

    For PPR I got 96/137.

    For redundancy, it could be argued both ways as the AAT did not give us enough information in the question.

    If redundancy is "contractual" it is fully taxable.

    If redundancy is "statutory" but not contractual, then it is fully exempt however it does use up some of the partial exemption limit of £30,000.

    In my exam I said that assuming the redundancy was not contractual, it was fully exempt.

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    This is my first post (after hopefully my last exams) on here so I am a late starter, but after reading all of the discussion about PPR I had to post something!

    I have been studying with Kaplan by distance learning and the section on PPR stated that a period of 3 years absence for any reason is also allowed as deemed occupation.

    Have I made a mistake on this as no-one else has mentioned it and I am panicking!! Is it because it was not followed by actual occupation it was not allowed?

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    Hi Catherine

    The thing with deemed occupation is it has to be preceded and followed by a period of actual occupancy. The only exception to this rule is the last 36 months of ownership rule.

    In the exam the lady lived in the houseand then went to live with her elderly parents. Therefore as she never returned to her house, after living with her parents this period (except for the last 36) was chargeable. Thus you would have ended up with:

    60 months of actual occupation - exempt
    41 months of living with her parents - chargeable
    36 months for the last 36 months rule - exempt

    That is always assuming I have understood PPR correctly. :lol:

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    Hi Catherine,

    I would try not to panic though. If this is the only thing you got wrong, I doubt they would fail you for that.

    Chin up girl. :thumbup:

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