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numberjunkynumberjunky Feels At HomePosts: 88Registered
Obviously I'm doing H&S as part of AAT Level 3 NVQ - quite frankly it's a PITA!

My question is - if I did another NVQ Level 3 qualification in a different subject, would I be exempt from H&S as I've already done it?

I'm assuming that H&S is always a part of an NVQ...

Any ideas?


  • PencilPencil Feels At Home Posts: 97Registered
    I'm not entirely certain, but my gut feeling would be that after passing the H&S unit it should be valid for any NVQ. The unit is not geared towards any particular specialist area other than Health and Safety itself.:cool2:
  • FroggityFroggity Settling In Nicely Posts: 21Registered
    Hi Numberjunky, we were told you could gain an exemption if you've done health and safety within the last 2 years, have a word with your college, I've gained exemption for the Computer module, as I've already done sage, there's no sense in doing things twice, especially as the health and safety module is quite arduous - the worst part of the course I thought!:001_smile:
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    Hi Everyone, I did a level two NVQ through work prior to AAT foundation and finished 3 weeks before the AAT course started. The college tutor made me do it again which was a bit of a shame but didnt take to long.
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    if you didnt do the nvq level 2 . as you have already had the bookkeeping skills then you dont have to do the h & s in the first year but you will have to do it before you get your nvq level 3!!! 2 girls in my class have to do it !
  • numberjunkynumberjunky Feels At Home Posts: 88Registered
    The original question was if I have done H&S for Level 3 (which I have) - would I have to do it again for a level 3 exam in a different subject and, as I've just discovered, the answer is YES!

    I'm doing a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology in September and, according to my tutor, will have to do H&S again. Bahhh - another £70!

    Just glad I'm leaving accountancy behind!
    AAT Level 3 and I could work the tills at Tescos...Woo hoo!
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