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Hello Guys,

My friend has a visa consultancy business here and abroad. I am doing here bookkeeping, I know I need to declare her income abroad and get some relief. What confuses me is she is doing a job placement as well here in the UK (excl abroad). Is this treated as another income for a separate business or shall I include this income with her consultancy business. Job placement is not really the main aim of the consulting business and she does not do it often. Please I need help on this scenario. Many thanks



  • Monsoon
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    If she's doing the job placement as self employed then she can either lump it in with the main self employment OR you'd prepare a second set of self employed pages. It really depends how related the 2 'trades' are.
  • pinoyLiz
    pinoyLiz Feels At Home Registered Posts: 92
    Hi F,

    So I will just have to prepare another set of supplementary pages for self-employment,no need to register again. Thanks for the help
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