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  • lulu5779
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    If you pass the whole aat then you get automatic exemption to ACCA stage 1but my previous still applies if you don't complete. My project was due to miss the deadline of the 17th July and my tutor said i could still get exemption for the others but not the one the project applies to i would just have to sit that one exam of stage one. i managed to get my project done though and pass my exams so i have full exemptions. There is still an option for part exemptions if you don't complete the AAT if you want to leave it uncompleted.
  • Bluewednesday
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    Believe me you made the right choice as the ACCA paper that you wouldn't get exemption from is far worse than the Unit 10 project.

    I stand by my answer that there is no tax exemptions!
  • Halifax71
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    Just a general comment on my experiences this time last year. I signed up the AAT results to ACCA scheme but it was the end of October before ACCA finally approved my exemptions. You cannot speak to ACCA unless you are prepared to be on hold for over an hour - even if you call at 3am. Absolute nightmare - it may have improved but i had to get my Manager to call as a full member before it was finally sorted. This was after they said i couldn't sit exams in December as i was too late.

    Hint - If you've done the Diploma as opposed to Technician then you need to tell ACCA to scroll to the right of the AAT spreadsheet to get the MAC (Unit 33?) result. Well that was my hold up - i had to tell them the exact cell in Excel to look for.

    Hint 2 - if you sat PTC / BTC in June make sure you do ACCA F6 in December as it helps doing them under the same FY. Very similar to PTC / BTC if you did both. Bit of VAT and a few more reliefs.

    Hint 3 - unless you're really clever don't try 3 at once. No one that i know passed 3. Only 30-40% of people pass exams. Main issue is time management - i used to finish my AAT exams after 90 mins, not on these you dont.

    Good luck
  • Gianfranco Zola
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    Halifax's post has put me right off!

    I was planning on enrolling at a college to sit F4-F6 in December. I completed the AAT qualification this week and have emailed the ACCA about my exemptions, to which I've not had a reply.

    This might sound like a stupid question, but is it possible to enrol at a college, start studying towards these papers and have ACCA confirm your exemptions at a later date (but obviously before the December exam sittings)? I asked the AAT to notify the ACCA of my exam results, and registered with the ACCA, before the 15 August (the deadline?)
  • Halifax71
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    Try phoning them - if you have to wait less than an hour they've improved :001_smile:

    Seriously though, if you do speak to them they'll fob you off with the fact that it takes circa 4 weeks to process new members. After 4 weeks, i.e. mid to late September is where the fun started last year.

    P.S. you're brave doing 3. F4 isn't bad, just lots to learn as it's a wordy paper with 70% just spewing facts then 30% application to scenarios. F5 was very time constrained this time - only 28% passed this time. F6 is easy enough if you did PTC & BTC, if not both then alot to learn.

    Just wait for F9 - that's hard as most of it was level 3 under the old structure.
  • Owainap
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    AAT to ACCA exemptions

    I phoned ACCA on thursday afternoon and only had to wait around 15-20 mins from around 14th in the queue - i just left it on speaker and went about my usual work in the meantime. The girl had a look at my file and said that everything seems to be on track, and if I was to ring later this week, the exemptions should be sorted by then...
  • Dee
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    If it's any help, I have just received an email from ACCA confirming my membership and giving me a log on. When I logged on it confirmed my exemptions and eligibility to enter for the December 2008 exams. I applied for membership online just before the end of July.
  • Rov
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    Hi Dee
    I have applied on paper at the end of july and send them AAT intermediate certificate. I called them and they asked me to send the statement of achivement for intermediate level as well. HAve you sent those?
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