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There are now more new messages by spambots than there are by contributors.

Whats going on?!


  • aatfree
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    This is obviously the upgrade that the AAT Web Team have been working on. I would advise you to phone AAT and complain. For a week I and others have been reporting these spam messages and no action has been taken. The web team were having an emergency meeting yesterday but nothing has happened.

    Useful numbers email addresses etc from the latest Accounting Technicians Magazine:
    AAT Telephone number 0845 863 0800
    Catherine Chamberlain FMAAT is the President of the AAT.
    She welcomes your views and comments and can be contacted by email: [email protected] or by post: President, AAT, 140 Aldersgate Street
    Letters page
    [email protected] (please type 'Have your say' in the subject line)

    The email address of the web team is: [email protected]
    but it keeps bouncing for me, perhaps you'll have more luck.

    If you want to visit a place where spam is removed with in a day or so, might I suggest the accountancy students forum,
    ThreadAAT Forum Refugee
  • DaveP
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    Wow - it really bothers you then!

    I don't think I will be writing to the President about it..
  • aatfree
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    I've noticed that a lot of times the only way to get anything sorted is to write to the person at the top. I've not written to her but this is getting beyond a joke and the web team are ignoring us. It's not just the forums being filled with spam, its also parts of the main site acting strangely and emails bouncing back. It is making the AAT look like a very unprofessional organisation.
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