I sell AAT books 2nd hand

monseggmonsegg Just JoinedPosts: 3Registered
Hi. I sell all my books from AAT very cheap and I don't mind giving with them my course notes and exams. If you need them please let me know which one and I'll reply to you soon. thanks


  • thegreatone5555thegreatone5555 New Member Posts: 7Registered
    hi are the books for the diploma pathway ?
  • monseggmonsegg Just Joined Posts: 3Registered
    Hi. Yes there are books from the diploma pathway and some from NVQ. But my notes are from diploma. Which one do you need? you can write to my email: [email protected]
  • monseggmonsegg Just Joined Posts: 3Registered
    Diploma pathway. course companion BPP unit 33 Management accounting £8
    AAT Technician units 8 and 9 (interactive text)= unit 33 £5
    Costing & Reports (osborne) tutorial units 6&7) £10
    Business taxation 2007/2008 for December exam = £8
    Cash management and credit control unit 15 (osborne)(brand new)=£12
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