Need: FRA intermediate text book

tattookitten Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 46

I desperately need the intermediate textbook for FRA, i'm will to pay for it, so if you have one spare please let me know!!




    MOHMEDSALIM PATEL Well-Known Registered Posts: 184
    If you promise

    I have got the intermediate books which i do not need it at this stage as i am in technician level but needed for future reference so i will post at your address but you have to promise me that as and when you finish with it you will send me back and if that is o.k. For you i will find out the cost of postage tomorrow and let you know. You just pay the postage.
  • Priya-p
    Priya-p Feels At Home Registered Posts: 53
    i have some

    hey i have some Kaplan Intermmediate,spare ones?? if u want? ull have to pay for postage tho,,n thats it!!
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