I just got a new job.

speegsspeegs Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 854
Well it is exactly a new job. I still have my full time job, but I have got a new client. It was a bit weird because this person advertised in the Stage newspaper for a honest trustworthy accountant, one who would do her books without screwing her money wise. It was interesting because it asked for accountants to send their CVs. I sent my and I had an "interview" with her last night. Now under hobbies and interests I put down all the usual rubbish, but I also added that I could solve a Rubic's cube and spell "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and she said that was these were things that got me the interview. At the end of the interview she said "here's a Rubic's cube, solve it". So I did. She also tested my spelling of the word that I am not going to repeat because that really would be showing off. So I did. She then "so where is my letter of engagement?" and shook my hands with a big grin on her face.

I am so pleased because I think this client is going to be an interesting one. Obviously I am not going to divulge who she is or what she does, but I just wanted to pass on to you that I seem to have perfected my interview technique. :lol:



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    well done

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    That's superb Speegs. You showed that accountants can be much more than just numbers and stats and that we're real people underneath with senses of imagination and humour. To add extra credit, she must have asked someone to get a rubics cube especially for you and also looked up the spelling of THAT word so the job may have been half yours before you even got there by arousing her curiosity.
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    Hahah fab well done speegs :thumbup:
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    Well done Speegs:thumbup:
  • CullenCullen Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 592
    Is she famous, is she on the telly? Would we know her?

    Aren't you so fabulously qualified with your combination of stage/ theatre training and experience and then your accounting qualifications. Heres to a long list of famous clients!!

    ( can you get me any autographs....)
  • PonderPonder Feels At Home Registered Posts: 97
    Congratulations !!
    Nice to see the great combination of imagination and humour in your replies was recognised.
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