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Oi you lot. Anyone know where i can find some accounting related voluntary work ?

steveJsteveJ Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 694
Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get some voluntary work ? I'm having trouble finding a finance related job so am looking to volunteer for the experience...
Help help help help help

Right that's the moaning and begging over...

What's everyone upto the weekend ?


  • umerali2003umerali2003 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 400
    we are on the same boat mate keep trying ....
  • A-VicA-Vic Expertise Guaranteed Registered Posts: 6,970
    Try the NHS Site they sometimes put some on there

  • SeanyBoySeanyBoy Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 553

    they have a section on here for voluntary work. i use this site and have had a couple interviews so far for a couple roles..

    good luck
  • RacheyRachey Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 589
    Try the Citizens Advice Bureau???
  • lesscilessci Well-Known Registered Posts: 180
    Try do-it.org.uk, they list load of voluntary work from all sectors. Good Luck
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