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lucy1988lucy1988 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 74

Has anyone got any tips for the standards for DFS?

Easy way to remeber them?



  • lorklork Feels At Home Registered Posts: 97
    I'm afraid not. I'm struggling myself but the info won't go in. I'm OK on all the other parts so may just have to wing the rest.

    I have made brief notes on all the standards covered in my textbook so that I am at least familiar with the terminology if nothing else!
  • lucy1988lucy1988 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 74
    There is so much information for each one so i just dont know what parts are important.

    The way they word everything is confusing aswell.
  • renaerenae Feels At Home Registered Posts: 76
    all I am doing is looking at all the past papers up to dec 06 and learning the definitions of the ones they asked for in those papers....and some of them are repeated ie define assets, liabilities & expenses.
    It is a risky tactic, but I will NEVER remember everything, so I'm using the 'probability ratio'
    hey, if non of them come up then I will just write out the definitions I know...may get some marks for amusement ??? :001_tt2:
  • lucy1988lucy1988 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 74
    Lol they do have the same kind of things but i am even struggling to remeber the exact definitions for the assets + liabilities etc.
  • renaerenae Feels At Home Registered Posts: 76
    I'm about to start that now - according to the assesor reports, the reason most people fail is due to section 2...but it is only 55 mins on average so you have to get a lot more right in this section than you do in section one, so not a lot of room for errors.

    I am going to write out the terms for the obv ones, I will see if I come up with a way of remembering & email you - although I have a horrible feeling I will just have to keep writing it over & over again! Think of it as detention at school - can't go home till your lines are done!!
  • lucy1988lucy1988 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 74
    Ok thanks. Let me know if you come up with anything easier to help remember :001_smile:
  • renaerenae Feels At Home Registered Posts: 76
    have you read the dfs guide on written tasks? It gives examples of written answers, what will pass and what wont etc?
    Basically, we don't have to know the definition word for word, but knowing key parts get you marks.
    have a read...might help :001_unsure:
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