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ACCA Exempton problems

r30hulr30hul New MemberRegistered Posts: 14
Hi Guys

Is anybody else having the same problem???
I am having problems with ACCA acquiring my full exemptions, I have submitted all my SOA and they are only giving me 2 exemptions - F2 and F3!

After Completing my AAT Full Course!!!

What a joke!



  • messedup89messedup89 Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 1,281
    that cant be right? I hope its just a mistake!
  • r30hulr30hul New Member Registered Posts: 14
    Ok Guys

    I have sorted my exemptions out with ACCA and they have confirmed full exemptions on F1 F2 F3!!


    Now to top all that up, what is AAT equivalent of??? I was under the assumption that it was the equivalent to a degree???

    Because after sum research i have found out that people that have done a Degree in Accounting and Finance are exempt from the following papers
    F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F9 LEAVING THEM F7 F8 P1 P2 P3 P4* P5*
    * optional

    How unfair is this?????:confused1::thumbdown:
  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,624
    This is not unfair, I don't know where you heard AAT is equivalent to a degree - it isn't! I've heard it said that it is equivalent to the first year of a degree but not a full degree.

    Believe me you will find you are better prepared than all those degree students - you won't regret having done AAT.
  • acc1077acc1077 Well-Known Registered Posts: 138
    I read in the AAT magazine recieved this morning that Technician level is equivilant to year 2 of a degree
  • messedup89messedup89 Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 1,281
    i heard first year of degree
  • SymbolSymbol Feels At Home Registered Posts: 41
    AAT Technician level is equivalent to an undergratuate degree. This is the reason you have to do unit 10.
  • SandyHoodSandyHood Font Of All Knowledge Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    If you were recruiting a new member of staff and had a choice:
    1. Has a degree in accounting and finance from a university somewhere
    2. Has AAT having worked in an accounts office and studied part-time
    I know there would be a lot more things to consider, but as a theoretical starting point who would be your more likely successful candidate?
    [email protected]
  • cs_1988cs_1988 Well-Known Registered Posts: 231
    I heard that having the AAT is the equivelant of having a full degree, a masters degree, and 10 Years experience working at the top level of a multi national firm. It is also 10 times harder than the ACCA, but the ACCA want AAT students to go on their courses, to help the teachers pass on skills to the people that weren't intelligent enough to do the AAT, and had to start on the ACCA. But their too ashamed to admit that, so they make it look like the ACCA is harder, instead of telling the truth - Lies!

    Just the word on the street
  • NeilHNeilH Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 547
    acc1077 wrote: »
    I read in the AAT magazine recieved this morning that Technician level is equivilant to year 2 of a degree

    I've read that from the AAT in other places. But, the National Qualifications Framework consists of 8 levels, and the Technician level is accredited at level 4 - the level equivalent to first year degree level.

  • mark057mark057 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 354
    There is no doubt the AAT is an excellent qualification but is only similar to a first year degree.

    Although AAT knowledge is of great help when beginning ACCA.
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