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Thinking about becoming an aat student...

LairyFiquidLairyFiquid Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 2
I just have a few questions really i hope someone could give me help with..

-How much are fee's per year for each level? If it depends on my income / parents income im currently unemployed and 20 years old and my mum is a single parent on minimum wage

-How long does each year roughly take to complete

-Could i get a job after studying my first year then carry my studies on as a day release thing or do i need more experience to get a job than my first year?



  • Jon_1984Jon_1984 Well-Known Registered Posts: 186
    Hi LiquidFairy

    As a rough guide fees are in the £600 to £1200 per year bracket for college/classroom based learning. If you have not done A-levels or equivilent you can get government funding to cover the costs of tution for the first two years of the three. Home study will be cheaper but you need to be self-motivated to complete. If you get an accounts related role you can often persuade employers to pay towards the course as well

    Each year takes one year....:001_tt2:! For classroom based study you would be looking at around 6 hours in the classroom and between 2 and 6 hours homework per week.
    You can sometimes do a fastrack course where you do all three levels full time (I.E. Monday to Friday 9-5, although my college did their fast track Mon-Wed 9 to 3) and complete them in one year if your learning provider offers this and you can live off your parents/part time work.

    You can get a job at any point in your studys but some parts will often click more easily if you can refer them to experience and some employers may not take you on if you have qualifications without any work experience.

    Hope this helps!

  • LairyFiquidLairyFiquid Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks mate, i was gonna go for the home study way as whenever i go to college i end up messing around because i have a few friends at most colleges round my area.

    With the government funding part, how do i go about sorting this out? Say i go with kaplan, when registering is there a part which when i fill in will deduct the price or something? Also, if its hard to get a job without work experience, do i have to do some volountary work or something? If so, how long for?

  • jorja1986jorja1986 Well-Known Registered Posts: 210
    Also, if its hard to get a job without work experience, do i have to do some volountary work or something? If so, how long for?

    It is very beneficial to do voluntary work, not only does it look good on a cv but you get to help people. Contact local charities, shools, (some run afternoon clubds that may like assistance).

    Best advice regarding the funding is contact the provider you want to use and see what there suggestion is
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