Anyone retaking PCR in December?

lizrochfordlizrochford Feels At HomePosts: 57Registered
I've been looking over June's paper I failed and its now all making sense typical a few months later hehe.


  • taskeytaskey Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 1,800Registered
    keep positive and you will pass
  • JossieJossie New Member Posts: 11Registered

    Yeah I failed it last year too and section 2 and know where I went wrong. What did you think of Dec 2007. I got stuck on section 2
  • lizrochfordlizrochford Feels At Home Posts: 57Registered
    I thought section 2 was ok Jossie it was section 1 I struggled on, I think my brain wasn't in the right mind set for the exam on the day. I'd say keep practising Jossie and it will come.
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