Cbe Ecr!

Dipak Thanki
Dipak Thanki Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 135
Did my ECR CBE yesterday, and found out my result today! Provisionally passsed!:D

Wasn't too bad, with 1 dodgy question on each section!



  • GreenMousey
    GreenMousey Well-Known Registered Posts: 154
    Congratulations! =)

    ~Mouse x
  • steveJ
    steveJ Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 694
    Nice one mate !
  • Jaspear
    Jaspear New Member Registered Posts: 5
    well done.
  • john.carter14
    john.carter14 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 22
    Failed mine, section 2 was a pig, just could not get my brain into gear !!!! oh well here goes for the second sitting
  • Sally5065
    Sally5065 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 48

    Well done. I think i'll wait until June!!!
  • valentino46
    valentino46 Well-Known Registered Posts: 124
    well done dipak, im finding this unit a lot tougher than the others, got cbe next week fingers crossed
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