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Confused about exam results

kay26kay26 New MemberRegistered Posts: 7
I did the Accounts Prep 1 exam yesterday and my tutor told me I passed. Today I have checked the results on the website and it has three parts for that exam 2 of which has the date I completed it next to it and the other says not completed. Does anyone know what this means?


  • RinskeRinske Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,453
    It would mean either that you didn't do that bit, that they haven't updated it yet (might take some time) or that they did not get it all in from the study provider, as they had some issues with getting the data submitted.

    I would just wait a bit and see if it is updated on Monday or so. I know that's very annoying.

    The other option is to ask your tutor if he/she knows if your exam might have had an issue when submitting.

    The last option I can think of is asking the AAT, by ringing them.

    I would follow it through in that order, but realistically with all the issues they had lately (see the many posts on the forums) I would also imagine calling the AAT would be my first action.
  • mgemge Feels At Home Registered Posts: 94
    Hi kay26. You will not be awarded the "Principles of accounts preparation" QCF unit until you have completed both Accounts Preparation 1 and Accounts Preparation 2.

    At the bottom of your Statement of Achievement it will state:

    "The Principles of accounts preparation unit is assessed in API and APII and will only be awarded once both API and APII have been achieved. "
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