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Agent Codes now been on hold for 45 mins

piratepirate Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 469
Desperately trying to find out about my agent codes

Have rung the following number which CAAT have as the phone number but its just a general number annoyingly 0845 300 0627

on hold now for 45 mins no idea if I am in a queue or what.

Ah well maybe it might take 2 weeks maybe it might take 4 months to get my agent codes perhaps I'll never know



  • MonsoonMonsoon Font Of All Knowledge FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071
    Don't even try and phone CAAT they never answer the phone.

    I am sure back in the day I just rang the agents self assesment line and said, oh, by the way, can you tell me my agent code? Have you got a 64-8 for anyone? If not, I would get a client, or a family member, fill in a 64-8 for them, state "agent code applied for" and wait for it to be processed - then the helpline should be able to give you your code.

    Sorry, been years since I got mine, can't be much more help. But do not try and phone CAAT, you won't get through!
  • BCASLBCASL Feels At Home Registered, Working Together with HMRC Posts: 64
    if you have online access, they appear in your HMRC agent pages, under your HMRC services?
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