Level 2 Books for Sale

johnnyboy987 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 36

I have the following 2011/12 Kaplan for sale:

Basic Accounting 1 - Combined Text & Workbook
Basic Accounting 1 - Revision Kit
Basic Accounting 1 - Pocket Notes
Basic Accounting 2 - Combined Text & Workbook
Basic Accounting 2 - Revision Kit
Basic Accounting 2 - Pocket Notes

All in good condition, just some hand written notes from me (in pencil) that I will try to rub out!

Open to offers :)



  • tawny75
    tawny75 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 22
    I don't know how much they would be worth, please let me know how much you would like?
  • johnnyboy987
    johnnyboy987 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 36
    Well the books are circa £20 and pocket notes £9 each but I'm not looking for anything like that... I'd say £40 for all of the above including Postage anywhere in the UK.

    I forgot to add but it includes
    Basic Costing - Combined Text & Workbook
    Basic Costing - Revision Kit
    Basic Costing - Pocket Notes

    If you're interested, you can PM me or email [email protected]
  • Usman85
    Usman85 New Member Registered Posts: 5
    I'll buy them from you right now mate. i've emailed you. is it a deal?
  • Usman85
    Usman85 New Member Registered Posts: 5
    he said in a PM they've been sold FYI everyone.
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