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AAT Level 3 & 4 combined Diploma for sale on eBay

CGardtCGardt Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 3
Hi all, just to let anyone out there that is struggling to afford level 3 & 4 (Intermediate and Technician) I am currently selling my combined course that I bought in January on eBay for £1600 as I don't have the time I thought I would after the new addition to the family and it's a lot of money to pour down the drain!. All information is on there however I am happy to answer any questions if anyone is interested. It will be listed for the next 10 days from 08/06/12



  • CGardtCGardt Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    Now reduced to £1000
  • mbulokennedymbulokennedy Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    am interested but how am i going to get that book?
  • CGardtCGardt Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    I would send all the books to you for the entire course, and it would be a case of me ringing HLC and paying a fee to change it all over into your name. They will then continue the course with you from there changing all the details into your name and advising you from there. If you are interested just bid on the item on eBay :)
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