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2 'Competents' in 2 days!!! Well Chuffed!!!

Neela xsxNeela xsx New MemberRegistered Posts: 5
Well thats PTX and CRMC done and dusted!! FNST also done with (was the biggest relief of all!)

Ready for BGT and FNPF then Im all done!! Whoop whoop!!

But not forgetting the dreaded ICAS which is what I seem to be struggling with the most as I just cant get my head down :huh:


  • SamiHSamiH Well-Known Registered Posts: 179
    Well done :)
  • nicd1981nicd1981 Well-Known LiverpoolAAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 244

    Dont worry to much about ICAS, start with writing the main body of your report, buy the Osborne book its got two sample reports in it so youll sort of understand what's expected

    Nic xx
    Nicola Donnelly ,MAAT, MIP, CIMA Dip MA

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  • mandatorymandatory Feels At Home Registered Posts: 59
    Congratulations! :) And good luck with your ICAS project! It took me a while to get into it but don't worry, you'll finish it eventually and become competent in that too.
  • aaron0121aaron0121 Trusted Regular BirminghamRegistered Posts: 422
    Congratulations :)

    Have to agree with the posts above mine, don't worry about the ICAS. Keep referring to the mapping
    sheet, look at sample reports and you should be fine :thumbup1:

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