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Hi Everyone,

Ten days ago I attended a wedding in Liverpool with my Family, as we were driving up to
Liverpool our car had broken down, so we called up the AA etc.. They provided us with an option
of a policy car however that would require paperwork to be done, go to the garage to collect the car
but time was of the essence as we really needed to attend the wedding. So the kind AA chap took
us back to Birmingham and we borrowed a family members car. (Story Over lol)
On 24th August we received a letter from Parking Eye saying we have been fined £60 which
would rise to £90, if we didn't pay the fine by the 4th September. My Parents paid the money
in the public car park at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel but used our vehicle registration
number which was still parked up in Birmingham rather than my other family members car!!!!
(lol yes comical I Know)
My parents have luckily kept the parking ticket they used in the public car park, so we of course
want to appeal the fine as we did pay for a ticket but just accidentally typed in the wrong
vehicle registration number. We have already made up an appeal letter, just considering
whether to pay the £60 fine.
If you was in my parents position would you pay the £60 fine? Or should we both pay the fine and
appeal, do you think they would reimburse our money?

Any advice much appreciated

Thanks :)

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  • mrb82
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    I've checked with my colleague who deals with parking fines all day everday and she advises not to pay it.

    You will have to email (not post) Parking Eye your appeal ([email protected]), once they receive it they'll send an automatic reply and it will be put on hold while they decide what to do.

    She says that if you explain the situation to them they *should* cancel it as she's come across this before lots of times.
  • aaron0121
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    Cheers for the reply Mrb82 :)

    We did make an appeal letter yesterday and was going to send through the post today with a copy of the parking
    ticket. I haven't spoken to my parents yet - lets hope they haven't sent the appeal letter and paid the fine.

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