You don't have to if you don't want to....

mrb82 Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 147
Hi everybody,

I feel a bit cheeky asking, but Stuart said I'm OK to post here.

My wife and I are in a competiiton on Facebook to win an anniversary stay at the hotel we married in. To win it we need as many likes as possible by the end of the month on our photo (Mr & Mrs Brazier).

Would you mind taking a moment to follow this link and click like on our photo please?!/photo.php?fbid=10152075846345381&set=a.10152075845855381.25396705.320058775380&type=1&theater

We would appreciate it greatly. Obviously do this out of working hours! ;)

As I say, you don't have to, I just thought I'd ask!


  • MarieNoelle
    MarieNoelle Trusted Regular Hampshire/Surrey borderModerator, MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,433
    Done! Good luck!
  • janwal
    janwal Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 1,189
    Done :001_smile:
  • Rachey
    Rachey Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 589
    Done! Great photo :)
  • blobbyh
    blobbyh Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,415
    Done... I like your wife too! Just saying... ;)

    Good luck!
  • liveprincess
    liveprincess Well-Known Registered Posts: 214
    Done. Good luck
  • Beautiful_bobo
    Beautiful_bobo Well-Known Registered Posts: 106
    Anything to help.....good luck x
  • Lynn S
    Lynn S New Member Registered Posts: 13
    Done, it's a beautiful photo, good luck
  • MarkT
    MarkT Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 302
    Good luck!!! It's a great photo you have there :001_smile:
  • mrb82
    mrb82 Well-Known Registered Posts: 147
    Thank you to all that have voted for us and said such nice things :)

    We juut can't keep up with the other couple, it's hard work!

    Still, it's nice to know that 135 people have taken the time to like us when they don't have to :)

    Thank you
  • James Patterson
    James Patterson Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 281
    Done, Good luck :)
  • GemmaS
    GemmaS Well-Known Registered Posts: 178
    Done! Good luck :D

    Gorgeous photo by the way I hope you 2 win :)
  • SashaDella
    SashaDella Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 362
    Done and shared too, good luck :)
  • taskey
    taskey Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,800
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