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FNST Kaplan Revision Kit 11/12 CLERC LTD

anniebabeanniebabe Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 595
Hi Guys
I am working through Clerc Limited on page 5 of the Kaplan Revision Book.
I thought I was doing ok, but now when I check the answers- apparently not.
In the question it says that depreciation for Buildings is to be apportioned to COS - so that is what I did - no mention of plant and machinery.
When I turn to the the answers they have allocated ALL the depreciation for P&S to COS? as well as the apportioned amount for Buildings.
Does anyone know what I am missing here?
Any input much appreciated.


  • missm4ry4mmissm4ry4m Well-Known Registered Posts: 177
    Hi Annie

    The question wasn't very clear as to where to allocate the depreciation charges. We were told for this question to just assume that plant and equipment was charged to cost of sales! I'm sure in the actual exam it will be much more clearer then this.

    When is your FNST exam?

  • anniebabeanniebabe Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 595
    It certainly isnt a very clear question.
    I havent booked it yet - still working on the sylabus, just have this and icas to do now.
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