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Cost and Revenues Exam

XPianoPrincessXXPianoPrincessX New MemberRegistered Posts: 13

Hopefully I'll word this right but I'm in a right faff! :-)

My question is to do with rounding up especially when it comes to questions 1.4 in all the practice assessments for the Cost and Revenues Exam.
Example being Maintenance Stores General Admin Totals
Rent & Rates 130,625
Light & Heat 28,875
Indirect Labour 471,626

Maintenance 50%, Stores, 30%, Gen Admin 20%

So 130,625*50% = 35,312.5 (to be rounded to the nearest £)
28,875*30% = 8,662.5 (again to be rounded)

My question being - which one do I round up? Every time I do a paper it swaps which column to be rounded up! I'm guessing I'm being dim here but I swear, one exam makes the Maintenance column rouded up (£35,313) and others make the Stores amount (eg 8663) round up

Do you get penalized for choosing the wrong column to round up even though essentially all the totals are correct and everything else matches perfectly. Have I missed text to tell me this in the book.

Hope this makes sense

Any help will be greatly appreciated - sorry for my rambling :-)



  • liveprincessliveprincess Well-Known Registered Posts: 214
    My Cost and revenues book also confuses me with this: everything comes to, say, 8333, 2333, 1333 and one column is always rounded up to X334 to give the total of 12000 but I have no idea why this column and not another. Sorry I can't help but maybe somebody else will?
  • Jo ClarkJo Clark Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,525
    Hello Both

    I don't think it matters as long as your totals are correct. However, I would ensure you are consistent with rounding up i.e. if you have to round up more than once always round up the same column.

    It was a while ago since I did CRS so if there are any tutors/students who know different please correct me.

    Good luck with your exam.

    JC :o
    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • XPianoPrincessXXPianoPrincessX New Member Registered Posts: 13

    Thanks to you both for replying - very frustrating. I'll take the advice of sticking to one column at all times and see what happens.
    If anyone does know the definite answer please let me know :-)

    Thanks again :-)

    Exam next Friday - Bring it on

  • liveprincessliveprincess Well-Known Registered Posts: 214
    Good luck with your exam. Could you let me know how difficult it was? Im not taking mine till probably November but I'm dreading it already :scared:
  • XPianoPrincessXXPianoPrincessX New Member Registered Posts: 13
    Thanks LivePrincess :-)

    I must admit, I wasn't looking forward to it at all when I realised how big the text book was compared to the other units, but once you start doing the practice ones, it's not too bad. Lots of calculating but I like that a lot more than written theory :-)

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