Confused Osbourne Book - VAT, Second Edition

rafuk New MemberRegistered Posts: 8
Hi all

Recently I purchase Osbourne's VAT TUTORIAL, Second Edition. I know that there are some changes in the exam from 1 January 2012, but does the tutorial reflect them. I want to sit exam in November, so not sure if I need to wait till January



  • guinea pig
    guinea pig Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 402
    Hi, Check the books full title; Does it say Personal Taxation 2011/12 for Finance Act 2011 assessments? I took the exam in March 2012, using this book, and we were some of the first to take it, as the exam based on the 2010 Finance Act was still running until about March/April. Also check with your tutor/learning provider. Tax rates etc change every year and are governed by the Finance Act. Take care when doing tests/past papers that they are for the 2011/12 Finance Act, otherwise it can be very confusing.
    Good luck,
  • rafuk
    rafuk New Member Registered Posts: 8
    No, it says Value Added Tax and this is for Indirect Tax unit, level 3.
  • guinea pig
    guinea pig Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 402
    Sorry! I made the classic mistake of not reading the question properly.....
  • TyJac
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    I taken the exam in november using exactly the same book as you, second edition. I managed to pass the exam with it, but do make sure you read the questions and answers very carefully before you answer it, as it's very easy to make mistakes. All questions were multiple choice, no calculation was required.
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