What is the difference between a qualified accountant and an AAT qualified person?

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Hi Folks

Could someone be kind enough to tell me What is the difference between a qualified accountant and an AAT qualified person?

What things can a qualified accountant do which an AAT person is not authorised to do or does not have enough knowledge to do?

Can an AAT qualified person call him/herself as part qualified? What is the best way to explain to a stranger that you have some knowledge of accountancy (AAT qualified) but you are not a qualified accountant?

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  • crispy
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    I don't really know, but my thought is that having aat would make you an 'AAT qualified accountant'. You can say you are a qualified accountant (AAT) but not a qualified 'chartered' accountant - this would come from being a full member of aca/cima/acca etc. There are plenty of aat members in practice that have set up for themselves who have not seen the need to take a chartered qualification.

    At the end of the day be proud of being fully aat qualified, and a member of a professional association. If you are interested in further study then have a look at their websites, and get a feel for what the qualification is about. I went straight from aat onto cima and found the first papers not a problem from my aat knowledge.
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    Thanks Crispy
  • kerrys7
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    All accountants can do the same tasks although what you study will obviously affect your knowledge base, the only difference between an accountant with an acca qualification and one with an AAT qualification is that you cannot audit as an AAT qualified accountant.
    If you are going on to study further (ie. CIMA, ACCA, CA) you can call yourself part qualified if you have AAT quals. There is no reason for you to not call yourself an accountant once you qualify.
    I work with several people who are not fully qualified or have no professional qualifications who are accountants. They have become accountants through company progression and experience. Obviously they cannot have the letters after their name and there are specific tasks they are not suited to doing.
  • geek84
    geek84 Trusted Regular MAAT Posts: 567
    Thanks Kerry
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