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One more to go (PTX)!

Morpheus1980Morpheus1980 Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 120
Had my Credit Management and Control exam this morning and was thrilled to realise that I only have one more module to go now...such a great feeling!

So, this is a question to all distance learners/part-time learners that have taken Personal Tax. How long did it take you to learn all the stuff you needed to for the exam? The Kaplan book looks pretty meaty and I'd ideally like to blitz it in one month, but should probably give myself two to be on the safe side.

To all those who have just started Level 4, or to those feeling a bit de-motivated with your studies...keep going! Feels so good to be on the final furlong :001_smile:


  • SpamkebabSpamkebab Well-Known Registered Posts: 233
    PTX and Budgeting are the modules i made time on. I spent a month on each of these.

    Good luck

  • missm4ry4mmissm4ry4m Well-Known Registered Posts: 177
    I have FNPF re-take next month. What did you all think of this exam? So far it's proving to be the hardest!! Any tips would be great especially on section 2
  • Morpheus1980Morpheus1980 Well-Known Registered Posts: 120
    Spamkebab, I take it you're a distance learner? Out of interest, how much time do you put aside per week for studying?

    missm4ry4m, I found the FNPF exam to be one of the trickiest, but personally found FNST to be that little bit harder, simply because of all the things you have to learn. I quite enjoyed the variances in FNPF, but it took a very long time for it all to finally click into place. But once you understand how to calculate the variances and understand why it is you have to perform the calculations in a certain way and what the final numbers mean, it certainly becomes a lot easier. Practice, practice, practice and then practice a little more, and it really does make sense. The best advice I can give is to keep ploughing through the practice questions on the AAT website and in your textbooks. That way, you'll be able to tackle the written questions with ease. Good luck with the re-sit!
  • SpamkebabSpamkebab Well-Known Registered Posts: 233
    Hi Morpheus,

    Yeah i am a distance learner. I would say that i study around 15 hours per week, i get a few 2 hour sessions in midweek but have managed to dedicate Sunday afternoon/early evening as well. It's really hard to say as once you become a serious student the one time enjoyment of casually surfing the net turns into 'doing research' lol, i'm always floating off onto some accounts related site.

  • Morpheus1980Morpheus1980 Well-Known Registered Posts: 120
    Thanks for that, Neil. It's quite interesting to find out how other distance learners approach Level 4. I think you have perhaps inspired me to attempt to do PTX within a month. How many more modules have you got left to do now?
  • SpamkebabSpamkebab Well-Known Registered Posts: 233
    I'm just awaiting feedback for my second ICAS draft. This is my last module, i wish i hadn't left ICAS until last now but what is done is done. I did the same with SPSW at level 3 and the wait to have it marked and level 3 completed was a killer. I'll never learn lol.

    Good luck with PTX Morpheus, you can do it if you put in the hours, remember, the finishing line is right there in front of you. (not that it's a race, but i expect you know what i mean)

  • Morpheus1980Morpheus1980 Well-Known Registered Posts: 120
    If you're on your second draft, chances are you're almost there with ICAS. At least you're still not writing up your first draft! Good luck with ICAS, it's always good to get that one out of the way (I didn't mind ICAS so much because it was a nice break from revising for exams).

    Thanks for the PTX advice. Started reading up on the textbook on the way to work this morning...seems quite interesting (I know, I'm weird!)
  • StashyStashy Feels At Home Registered Posts: 32
    Not a distance learner but I passed my PTX last month, I think the key to it is practice questions. Do as many mock exams and questions as possible as it the structure of the tax computation becomes second nature then. The trickiest thing to learn I thought was the penalty dates and administration, these have to be learned though...

    All in all I found PTX easier then CRMC but I might not be all there in the head! :laugh:

    Good luck anyway, I'm awaiting the result of the CRMC which I took 2 weeks ago and that was my last exam! It does feel good but not getting carried away as don't feel too confident about this one!
  • Morpheus1980Morpheus1980 Well-Known Registered Posts: 120
    Thanks Stashy! I'll definitely do as many practice questions on PTX as possible, so very good advice!

    I'm sure you did better than you thought on CRMC. I thought it was going to be a breeze, but it did end up being quite tricky. Not sure I got enough of the multiple-choice questions right and tried to blag my way through the written as much as possible. It was just lovely to get it out of the way yesterday. Let me know how you got on!
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