AAT Level 3 books for sale 2012/2013

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Hi All,

I have a friend who wishes to sell her last years books except Excel. The cost for all the books would be around £50 as they are all brand new except costs and revenue + AP1 (if bought all books) + postage. If You require individual books then this will cost between £9/£10 including postage. If it is abroad postage charges will be separate.
Books are
- Costs & Revenue + Question bank (used) - can be sold for £5 each + postage
- Cash Management + Question Bank (new) - £9/10 each including postage
- Accounts Practice 1 + Question bank (used) - £5 each + postage
- Account Practice 2 + Question Bank (new) - £9/10 each including postage
- Indirect tax + Question bank 2011/12 (partly used) - £8 for both as all in one
- Professional Ethics - 1 book only (new) - £8
They are all BPP books and were bought for around £200 initially. It is a good bargain!


  • zippi
    zippi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 182
    Books for Sale

    I spoke to a friend regarding sale of her books and she is ready to sell all of them at £20 + postage or if you are in Coventry area you could collect, if interested, leave your email or mobile number and I will contact you.

    This is a great bargain!:thumbup1:
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