Fin Per Help please

JobijoJobijo Just JoinedPosts: 7Registered
Does anyone have any material/labour/fixed overhead questions I can use for practise please?
Its taken me a while to get to grips with them and I have used all my practise questions. Finally its starting to sink in so I want to do a bit more to make sure I have got it!



  • topcattopcat Trusted Regular Posts: 452Registered

    what materials have you used so far?

    There is workbooks you can buy for Osbourne/Kaplan/BPP which would have a few more questions in , think there is also a green light test on it which might be worth a look
  • JobijoJobijo Just Joined Posts: 7Registered
    Thank you Top Cat, its taken a while but i have got my head around them now :-)
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