Sitting 2 Level 4 Exams in 1 day

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Hi All

I am considering taking two exams in one day - has anyone else done this before? Am I biting off too much? These would be resits - but as I can't sit them locally to me, taking time off to sit them is proving to be a bit of a nightmare!
Feel I have been stuck on this nightmare level for 2 years and just need it over and done with :sad:
Any thoughts welcome.



  • Sam22
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    Hi Blondie3178, I guess it all depends on how confident you feel and whether you can give enough attention to each subject when revising for both at the same time. I personally didn't take 2 Level 4s on the same day due to wanting to make sure I gave 100% attention to each exam, however I did sit all my exams within a month of each other. Could you maybe do 1 resit one week, then book the other one for maybe a week or 2 after?

    Also, maybe think about what the reason you didn't pass them before was. Did you sit them too closely together so didn't do enough revision, was it a struggle with learning and understanding it all?
  • blondie3178
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    Hi Sam

    Thanks for replying - it was personal tax and budgeting - they were the first 2 exams I sat at this level, and had a stressful personal life going on at the time, so probably didn't give them as much attention as they deserved. Failing both put me off picking up the books for a while!
    But now I am feeling determined to just get this done, I am actually in a similar position to you, where I am sitting 3 exams already in a 8 week period, and just wanted peoples thoughts about trying to get the resits in at the same time.

    How did you find sitting all the exams in such a small time scale- did you find it was easy to recall the information you had learnt previously - that is my main fear about sitting them all so close together, my brain will just freeze and all information will disappear out of my head!!
  • coojee
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    Don't forget, people used to sit more than one exam at the same time when there were only 2 exam sittings per year so it can be done.
  • blondie3178
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    that was when they were hand written too - I am glad I was studying back then!! :001_smile:

    I guess its just trying to fire up the old brain cell enough to retain all the information, might be brave and chance it - end of the day I could sit them on separate days and fail them again!
  • Sam22
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    I found it much easier sitting them all close together as it kept me motivated. I would finish one exam and then that night would start working for the next one straight away. Don't get me wrong, I'd have days where I'd get home from work and it would be really hard to sit myself down with the books but because I knew I had the exam booked I knew I had to do the work. If you're confident with the resits do them both on the same day, if not see if you can get 2 close sittings. You've already got a lot on with 3 exams in an 8 week period. You don't want to burn yourself out by overloading.
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