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I'm struggling with Kaplan, I've heard Osborne are easier to understand.. Thinking of purchasing Cost & Revenues and professional Ethics I want a book simular to Kaplan Revision Books. Do Osborne offer something similar??


  • icbatbhicbatbh Registered Posts: 9

    I used Kaplan books for my level 2 and found them useless as there were so many errors in them (even in the practice questions and answers), which made studying particularly difficult. I'm afraid I have no experience with Osborne but for level 3 I have been using BPP and I find these very well written and clear to understand. I hope this helps in some way.
  • AGI2015AGI2015 Registered Posts: 45
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    I have used both Kaplan and Osborne. Kaplan is hard to understand, totally useless. Osborne is great! Just have passed cost and rev and that was really easy to learn from this book. Heard that BPP have also easy and clear books.
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