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ISYS Result

Can anyone give me an idea how long it takes the ISYS report to be marked / approved. I uploaded mine to AAT at the end of July (having studied with BPP) but my record of achievement hasn't yet been updated. I have emailed AAT and BPP and it would seem to be still with BPP - I just thought that 8 weeks was quite a long time - should I be concerned or is this normal? I can't find a guideline of how long this stage should take. Thanks.


  • kkellykkelly Feels At Home Registered Posts: 51
    Hi Amanda,
    I think mine was about 7 weeks so I suspect you will hear any time. If you don't hear by next week I would follow up with BPP and go from there.
  • amanda rayneramanda rayner Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    Thanks, Kevin
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