Level 4 ICAS Project


I am just starting my ICAS Project but I'm unsure whether to base it on the company I work for or a case study?

The company I work for only has a small accounts department as their main sector is not accounts - will I have enough to write about in this case?

Does anyone have any tips on which is better to do?


  • BenABenA Posts: 56Registered
    I based mine on my company and there are only two of us who work in the accounts department. When was the last time your company reviewed credit limits or how credit limits are set? Is the procedure correct for chasing overdue invoices? As far as I am aware, you do not actually have to resolve an issue, you can just highlight potential areas of concern and evaluate the risk to the company.
  • olivia21olivia21 Posts: 12Registered
    Thanks @BenA!

    I get your point, I've just sent in my proposal to my college so they should tell me if it's enough. I think I'd do better writing about a company I know quite a bit about!
  • BenABenA Posts: 56Registered
    I would have to agree with that. What did you decide on? If you need any help then just inbox me. I will help as much as I can.
  • olivia21olivia21 Posts: 12Registered
    I've decided to base it on the company I work for because I've already got a few ideas. Thank you very much @BenA !
  • Malcolm GreenMalcolm Green Well-Known Posts: 105Registered, Working Together with HMRC
    Hi Olivia,

    Just a tip for you .

    As this is only a simulation report based on the company you work for.

    This means you are in full control of the direction you want to go with this and the information you will have available to you which will then help you direct the outcome and results you will get from your recommendations etc.

    You may finds areas that could well do with change/review and when you have completed your report you could look to discuss these with your employer.

    However the main point of all of this is to demonstrate your analysis and report writing skills.

    All the best with you project.

    Kind regards

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