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broadstairs BroadstairsRegistered Posts: 5
Hello to you all, I'm new to this, just started studying Aat Level 2 - Foundation Certificate In Bookkeeping - Combined Option. I have no experience in this, well only books I've been reading. So need to know how I go about looking for entry type jobs to get more more training and info. I'm a older person to, 48 to be honest. I do work in retail at the moment, and have done for 14 years. Any feed back will be welcomed..


  • li22
    li22 BoltonRegistered Posts: 9
    I am new also with no work experience. I've been studying for 8 months now.

    The AAT study support is great, familiarise yourself with it and I'm sure you'll do great!

    Have you sat any exams yet?
  • broadstairs
    broadstairs BroadstairsRegistered Posts: 5
    No, I'm very new to this, got to fit it in a round my job and kids. Just gonna give it a good try.
  • Casu
    Casu Registered, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 102
    Might be worth waiting until you have the level under your belt. Looks better on a cv.
  • broadstairs
    broadstairs BroadstairsRegistered Posts: 5
    Yes true, but I will still apply if anything good pop's up, thanks.
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