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Level 3 synoptic results out today - did anyone pass?

I have been told our level 3 synoptic results are out today at some point. I experienced the problems expressed on this message board with section 2 of the exam so I am not expecting a positive result today.

Be interesting to see the figures on who passed and who didn't.

Good luck everyone


  • jaseroberts777jaseroberts777 Registered Posts: 9
    I am also awaiting the result, very mixed feelings :sweat:
  • Cd83Cd83 Registered Posts: 32
    edited July 2017
    I read on another post the level 4 results were released at 6pm. I have checked the results section around 20 times already today
  • annvboysannvboys Registered Posts: 53
    I have read that the earliest will be 3pm.
    Good luck everyone. I know I failed because I didn't even do the spreadsheet part.
    Oh, no wait. Not failed - 'not yet competent'!!
    I know of only 1 person out of my whole class of 20 odd who thinks they MIGHT have passed!
  • KellieaRyanKellieaRyan Registered Posts: 5
    I have been checking all morning. I know i have not passed but just want to see how far off i was, as i have already booked my retake for 13th July. Good Luck to all receiving their results today :)
  • jaseroberts777jaseroberts777 Registered Posts: 9
    One person from my class has already received his result
  • annvboysannvboys Registered Posts: 53
    ditto KellieaRyan
  • Cd83Cd83 Registered Posts: 32
    Nothing for me yet
  • jaseroberts777jaseroberts777 Registered Posts: 9
    My year is split into 2 classes - the other class all received theirs this morning and ALL passed. My class is yet to hear
  • bolingbrokebolingbroke Registered Posts: 19
    I just got mine, passed. But you can definately see the exam was a complete screw up when compared to my other results https://s4.postimg.org/vh7vixtvx/results.jpg

    I feel sorry for a lot of people having to resit because of that mess.
  • Cd83Cd83 Registered Posts: 32
    Just got mine and passed 78%

    So happy but it's dragged my overall grade down.

    Not the end of the world as I was confident I failed.
  • annvboysannvboys Registered Posts: 53
    my 2 class besties both passed. I'm thrilled for them. I did better than I thought on the first half which gives me hope. didn't do the second section as I hit finish! roll on Thursday.
    well done everyone who passed and good luck those joining me for resits.
  • Lizzy SinfieldLizzy Sinfield Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    I'd been checking this morning but just got the result now literally after reading this forum! :-) I was not sure if I pass but then hoped to get a passing rate of 70% ! but I got 80%! which I am so happy. I hope you guys passed and if not good luck on your resit.. :-)
  • willsmwillsm Registered Posts: 2
    hi, i had my result for L3 synoptic today having sat it 3 times and every time having the same issues with the excel part. anyway my result was 71% so i was quite happy and relieved to put it behind me. I have this afternoon had a voicemail message from AAT saying that due to technical issues they have had today whilst releasing the results they will have to suspend my result for the time being and they will come back to me next week with an update. by the time i got the voicemail it was too late to ring them so i am now wondering if it's just my result or did others have the same message?
  • carlacarla Registered Posts: 4
    I have failed mine at 68%. My sister in law passed at 70 yet the breakdowns we have had show that I have met more subjects than her in the exam. All of her class pretty much passed. Everyone in my class failed!
    I called AAT and was told I would have to appeal. When AAT sent my original results through they were incorrect.
    I won't be resitting my synoptic exam with AAT. I'm afraid after the shambles this year has been I think this will be the end of my accounting career and certainly with AAT!
  • annvboysannvboys Registered Posts: 53
    Don't cut your nose off. Sorry to sound patronising but think about you not them. Give it another shot. They already admitted it was a balls up. Take the 50 quid and the free resit. A lot of people passed that thought they wouldn't. You can too and i certainly plan to on the nex5 attempt.
  • Cd83Cd83 Registered Posts: 32
    I'm going to echo pretty much what Anne said.

    I was disappointed at the shambles of the synoptic and luckily I passed but I was prepared to work hard for the resit if needed. Don't throw away a year and more seriously a potential career from one bad experience.

  • smayley20smayley20 Registered Posts: 1
    Hi, had my result of 66%, even though I did have problems and the formulas on the spreadsheet wouldn't work for me. The exam adjudicator verified what I was doing was right but just wouldn't work for me! So have to resit I guess.
    I was just wondering someone has mentioned above that they could see the breakdown of their results, so how did they get these???
  • carlacarla Registered Posts: 4
    The college sent mine to me with dates of the resit. We have compared ours against each other and they don't make sense. People that have lower scores for sections passed??!!
    I have lost all faith in AAT. We were personally told by AAT and our college that when we took the last sitting of the exam the problems were fixed and that was a lie. I'm tempted not to believe them again.
    I have been told if you got 68% and had problems you should appeal against it. I sent my appeal in straight away yesterday. It's £30 but it was recommended to me by everyone I spoke to.
  • carlacarla Registered Posts: 4
    edited July 2017
    Without sounding rude I'm happy to quit. I have had nothing but issues with AAT this year. Firstly I was booked into an exam with AAT before Christmas, when I arrived they had forgot to book me in so I was left standing outside an exam room a total wreck for 25 minutes.
    We were lied to about the synoptic exam being fixed. I still have the emails sent to our college from AAT stating the exam was fixed. Revision books from BPP were riddled with mistakes.
    I have spoken to accountants and they have told me that £50 and a free resit is an utter discrace and people shouldn't take it lying down.
    I have friends who are taking level 4 and they said they wish they hadn't started and it's an utter shambles.
    AAT have behaved horiffic and I feel like I may as well have got my money and burnt it. If a university behaved the way AAT have this year then it wouldn't be acceptable, but it seems AAT are allowed to.
    A free resit, £50 and another 6 weeks of waiting for results really isn't for me.
  • KellieaRyanKellieaRyan Registered Posts: 5
    I didn't pass which I knew I got 59% but had so much trouble with it so quite surprised I got this. Now all I'm thinking about is whether to apply for level 4 if I'm not going to get my results for my resit until September I won't be able to get funding until after that. Does anyone who is resitting know if you can still start level 4 with level 3 outstanding??
  • LhughesLhughes Just Joined Registered Posts: 19
    I totally agree with Anne, you really must give it another try! Unfortunately I didn't pass and will have to spend the Summer revising again for a re take in Sep! However I not giving up and will attempt it again! I just wish the AAT would listen to what the students are saying! The Excel spreadsheets really needs to be a separate exam with at least, 2.5-3 hours to do it! Also the instructions need to printed out! This exam is totally unrealistic of what would be required in the workplace, please listen AAT, we do not want a re sit and £50 we want the exam revised. I am pretty sure you can start Level 4 with just one exam outstanding Kelliea
  • carlacarla Registered Posts: 4
    For those of you that seem to believe the resit is ok and AAT are being fair, I would like to update you on my current situation.
    After entering my appeal to AAT ( which I was advised to do by my tutor, accountants and other course friends. AAT have advised me that they do not wish to go further with my appeal. They have commented that they do not believe the errors on the exam are reason to look at people's results and are placing all the blame on my course provider. Everything they are telling me I should have done, I did do. They advised me the only error they know of is the spread sheet freezing and nothing else??? They say they know nothing of people loosing their work or excel closing on them.
    Don't be fooled by the free resit and £50. This is just a cheap option for AAT gaining a high pass rate on their synoptic.
    For those that don't believe me I am more than happy to forward my email on.
  • dahliadahlia Registered Posts: 24
    @carla Just out of curiosity (I'm sitting it tomorrow!)... you mentioned "errors on the exam", were they technical problems (with computers, Excel, SecureClient etc.) or did you actually spot mistakes on the exam questions?

    As I've already spotted some missing information on AAT's practice assessment questions on Excel, I'm naturally quite worried that might happen during the actual exam!
  • Cd83Cd83 Registered Posts: 32
    We experienced it issues only. Half of us passed and half didn't in our class pretty much.

    I would say if you ace the first party and concentrate on Q2 and Q3 of the excel exam first you should be fine if you are pretty good on excel.

    Q1 on the excel sheet offers less points than the other 2 so our tutor told us to do Q2 and Q3 first then tackle Q1 with the time we had left.

    Good luck
  • KellieaRyanKellieaRyan Registered Posts: 5
    I resat my exam today and am feeling alot more confident this time round as I completed as spreadsheets I did 2.2 and 2.3 first then had 25 mins left for 2.1 this way felt 10 times better to do anyone resitting I would say keep an eye on time and limit yourself to roughly 30 mins per spreadsheet seems to help.
  • ZedeldesireZedeldesire Registered Posts: 13
    > @Cd83 said:
    > I have been told our level 3 synoptic results are out today at some point. I experienced the problems expressed on this message board with section 2 of the exam so I am not expecting a positive result today.
    > Be interesting to see the figures on who passed and who didn't.
    > Good luck everyone


    Does anyone appeal as an external student?

    In myAAT I put Kaplan as my training provider, however I do not study with Kaplan. I just buy books and study on my own.
    I took an financial performance exam recently at an aat center the result wasn't successful.
    I believe my exam wasn't marked correctly, furthermore the computer screen got frozen and lost few minutes(the centre said they had reported the matter).
    I read that to appeal I have to get the support of my training provider. In my case as I don't study with Kaplan (external student) therefore I don't have a training provider.

    Does anyone appeal as an external student?

    Many thanks for your quick reply.
    I need to file the appeal ASAP, please share your experience.
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