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AAT module or Excel course

Hi just need a bit of feedback. I need to urgently brush up on my intermediate Excel skills and maybe gain some advanced skills for work. Would it be a good idea to just do this module or should I just find a dedicated Excel course. I was leaning towards doing this module because I guess it's more accounts orientated and I'm doing this level anyway. But I'm not sure of the content and how advanced it is. Would appreciate some views.


  • N4TN4T AAT Student Posts: 191

    I consider Excel covered within AAT to be basic to slightly intermediate. (Basic as in formatting/highlighting cells, basic formulae. Intermediate will be looking at lookups, logic functions). I wouldn't say it's particularly accounts related as it's relevant to everyone that need to use Excel.

    If you need to brush up on Excel skills urgently before you will sit this unit 1) Buy the study text ahead of your schedule - I think it took over 3-4 weeks at my training provider to complete, if you did this in your own time it can be completed within a week as you will know all the basic stuff already 2) buy an Excel book and learn on your own or using youtube. Course like these can be expensive unless you can find a cheap course at a community college.

    I think Excel is one of those things you pick up as your job requires, if you don't use it on a frequent and regular basis you'll soon forget - find out what skills you require at work (is it reporting, data analysis?) and learn how to do it via the help menu or internet. The AAT module is a good start as it'll introduce some of the functions which will give you the confidence to explore on your own.

    I think I saw something on Excel in MyAAT. I will look at it when I have a chance.
  • KEROUACKEROUAC Registered Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply which has helped. I think I will learn this module later as part of Level 3 but try a dedicated Excel course for now as I need the more advanced training quite quickly.
  • N4TN4T AAT Student Posts: 191
    It sounds like you need intermediate/advance and the AAT module not enough for work requirements.

    I went into MyAAT and typed Excel in search and there is something about Advanced Excel e-learning, maybe worth taking a look.

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