help me pls xx

hi i'm danni i'm 20 years old currently working as a finance assistant working towards aat level 2! i eventually want to be a financial controller. i don't have any good exam results from school, i am currently
looking for a new job in a finance environment as i can't progress in my job i am in the now i have been there for three years now. i was going to do all my aat levels then eventually go onto cima then try and be a financial controller but i read that if u complete level
3 aat some university's accept you? would it be best to do all
my aat levels while working in a finance/accounts environment or would it be better to do my level
3 aat then go and get a degree? sorry just trying to see what way is best? i also don't have a lot of experience as i have been in this job since i left school x


  • hazel123
    hazel123 Registered Posts: 11
    Hi Danni, I would recommend doing all of your AAT whilst in work and then going onto your CIMA - a lot of employers will pay to put you through both. CIMA is recognised better by future employers than an accounting degree. You don't have to have AAT to do your CIMA although it does make you exempt from 4 of the topics. You should do some research and consider going straight into CIMA rather than do 2 more years of AAT.
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