Synoptic result level 3 ( exam in November)

Hi all,
Anyone can see the result? I check the schedule and the results should be today.
Good luck


  • Loulew
    Loulew Registered Posts: 1
    Its a fail for me... absolutely gutted. Exceeded on the first part, but it was the spreadsheet caught me. I didn't get enough time to finish and quite frankly didn't generally feel very well prepared for the spreadsheet part at all! It will be a resit for me in February 2018.
  • zay1986
    zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    Its a fail for me too I will resit in April
  • Multiplicator
    Multiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    Hi Lou - I am sorry to hear you failed - better luck next time.
    and I failed too - today. I can't say I was surprised - I am much older than you (65) and now have a good idea how I do in exams.

    never having passed the spreadsheet part - or come anywhere near it ! You-tube - excelisfun is a site and there are one hour videos on excel for accounting. I should be able to chortle, "and I only saw 6 1/2 minutes of one and scored 100%" but it is obvious I did not. I found the videos useful.
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