Hi, what can i expect from the Synoptic assessment? Is it a combination of modules or a specific Module?? Please keep in mind that i have never written any since i started AAT. Thank you...


  • markjames
    markjames Registered Posts: 1
    As far as I know - this is the combination of modules. But it is better to conract service centre
  • stevesmiths
    stevesmiths Registered Posts: 25
    Synoptic assessment is a computer based exam that you will attempt once you have completed the other core units within the qualification,this is introduced to exhibit your knowledge on core accountancy skills, and your ability to apply them in the workplace.

    what you can expect ?

    It depends on the qualification like

    1.Foundation synoptic assessment
    2.Advanced synoptic assessment
    3.Professional synoptic assessment

    as it is a combination of multiple modules we cannot decide or expect topic from single module,
    it may be from VAT or it may be from indirect tax or from advanced bookkeeping.

    I would suggest you to contact external centers
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