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Dealing with technologically challenged clients

MarieNoelleMarieNoelle Trusted RegularHampshire/Surrey borderModerator, MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,433
Hi all,
I wouldn't call myself an expert on anything involving technology (as my teenage children like to remind me). However, our job involves the use of email, software, social media and various apps and I couldn't do without them.
I seem to attract my fair share of technologically challenged clients - of all ages and background. When it comes to my little old lady who lives round the corner it doesn't bother me. I meet her twice a year over a cup of tea, she gives me her paperwork, I get her to sign her return in person, job done.
For some clients though this is not an option - either because they live remotely or have bigger businesses where I need information in real time.
One client still hasn't worked out how to use the App on her phone. She regularly sends me screenshot of her expenses by text message (before you ask, yes I did speak to her and went through the different steps of downloading the App on her phone and setting up her account). Another young-ish client is allergic to anything like Dropbox so sends all paperwork in the post. He is based in London and travels a lot so face-to-face meetings every quarter are not an option.

Do I just accept this is who they are and I can't change that - or keep trying patiently until they get it? With MTD round the corner these clients really need to get up to speed.

What is your experience and how do you help your clients become more tech savvy?


  • readerreader Experienced Mentor MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,042
    Best to accept it in my opinion otherwise you may drive the client away to someone who can better adapt to their needs.

    The technologically challenged will always need an accountant. The technologically advance clients may ditch the accountant and start doing their tax returns by themselves.

  • MarieNoelleMarieNoelle Trusted Regular Hampshire/Surrey borderModerator, MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,433
    edited February 2018
    Fair comment. However I will not give up on trying to convince them there is a better way!
  • readerreader Experienced Mentor MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,042
    I would give them the option of doing it their way, e.g. stamps, envelopes, time delays, versus the quick online way, and let them decide.

    You could always offer a small discount if they use your hi tech methods.
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