Action Plan When Failing!

Hi All,

I took MDCL in March - it was the first module i took and i left the exam knowing i made a few mistakes but i thought i had passed.

After a week study break, i started to study FSCL next. I was in the swing of this module and my MDCL results came out.

I was marked as not yet competent at 68% and was completely surprised that i was so close....but failed!

I stopped FSCL and went backwards to MDCL again. - Now i have re-sat the MDCL - i feel it went absolutely awful and im sure i have failed this one ( ill let you know in 6 weeks time)

Im going to go back to pick up FSCL again in the mean time.


If i have failed MDCL again and repeat this process ( Stop FSCL and revise MDCL again) - i feel i will be here forever!

So i wondered what others do? - do you keep going back and working through a failed module and retaking it until you pass?

or do you at some point decide to focuse on getting other modules done instead and come back to it later to retake?


My view on the MDCL is that the wording and layout of the sentences seem to be designed just to throw you off, they muddle with your mind and they are worlds away from the phrasing of questions in MOCK's and greenlight tests.

I would love to see some more old test paper from 2018 MDCL so i can get use to their phrases and learn how to understand them....



  • dsg1978
    dsg1978 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 21
    I started with financial statements then moved onto budgeting then MCDL. Financial statements gives you strong understanding for calculating ratios while budgeting possible the easiest of the 3 gives you a solid understanding of variances and cost cards. IMO starting with MCDL is possibly a tough route as there is already a lot to learn within that module. If you want to build confidence study the budgeting module if you fail again. That may help as the modules are linked and starting with budgeting is a more natural order to then understand decisions and control which has alot to do with looking at the performance compared to the budget.
  • sharpy92
    sharpy92 Registered Posts: 52
    I personally would continue with the new modules and try and get a few passes under your belt, then go back and re-sit. Passing other exams will give you more confidence and like DSG1978 said you may gain a better understanding of MDCL at the same time.

    At college we sat an exam then the week after moved onto the next subject took that exam and so on. Luckily I only failed the Synoptic, but when I did I revised at home for that at the same time as in college Credit Management and ended up doing the re-sit on the same week as my first attempt at the other subject.
  • DLStudent_Hannah1
    DLStudent_Hannah1 LondonAAT Student Posts: 7
    @sharpy92 and @dsg1978 thank you both.

    I think the Ratio's have been my weakest area in the MDCL throughout all my mocks and real exams. I understand the ratios themselves, but then in the test environment when your given a questions with limiting information i do panic as i know the pressue is on to calculate one ration right as you need the values for the following ratios.

    Hadnt crossed my mind that FSCL has the ratio element so actually it would help to give that a try next, thank you!

    I think ill start today with FSCL and try and build myself back up again.

    Really appreciate your help!
  • Norvydas
    Norvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 269
    I have just started Level 4 and I am preparing for my exams like this;

    I took my Budgeting exam, now it is 6 weeks to wait for results, within those 6 weeks I am preparing for my MDCL exam, I will take MDCL exam before I receive my results from Budgeting exam, if I fail, I go back to Budgeting, if not I move on and take following exam before I receive results from MDCL. I study online so it is easier for me to manage my time as I can take exams whenever I want and I can revise as fast as I want to, so for me 6 weeks is plenty to revise for new unit. I attempted my Budgeting on 3rd May, and now I am looking to take my MDCL within 2 weeks time.
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • DLStudent_Hannah1
    DLStudent_Hannah1 LondonAAT Student Posts: 7
    Hi All,

    - After just missing MDCL twice (and putting it on hold)
    - I took FSLC - and passed
    - and currently studying MABU and hoping to take CBT in coming few weeks.
    - Then go back to MDCL for my third time lucky

    MABU & FSLC really are the building blocks for MDCL so I'm please I reached out to you all and got some advice form you, thanks all!

    1 down, 5 to go!
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