Bookkeeping Controls

Can anyone point me in the correct direction in revision material on Bookkeeping controls? I have used everything on the AAT website and the text books. i am struggling with this unit more then the rest. i am doing a re-sit now i have finished all my other exams and passed them all. this is my last one.


  • mighty18
    mighty18 AAT Student Posts: 16
    you tube is a good source of material
  • Hollycowley_28
    Hollycowley_28 Registered Posts: 31
    Yes youtube really helped me on bookkeeping controls!
  • dumutroba
    dumutroba AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 264
    If you struggle with the double bookkeeping and correction of errors you might want to revise on the basics and Bookkeeping Transactions
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  • AAT_Team
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    @Sian0103 you may find our video on bookkeeping transactions & controls useful.
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