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Electric mobility scooter - business mileage

MaresaMaresa Co DurhamRegistered Posts: 6
Can anyone tell me if an electric mobility scooter falls within any of the categories for business travel mileage rates - its neither a car, a motorbike, or a bicycle as per HMRC website - but there are costs incurred in using one?
Thank you

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  • MaresaMaresa Co DurhamRegistered Posts: 6
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    Thanks both. I didn't think it applied either. Its not really the amount of mileage they are doing - its fairly low - but more around a potential discrimination / bad publicity claim. If we pay for someone who comes to work on a bicycle, why can't we pay someone who needs a bit of help in an electric powered wheelchair / mobility scooter - especially as they are charging it up every day and using tangible expenses on their electricity bill.
  • RyanMIPRyanMIP LincolnshireRegistered Posts: 50
    Accepted Answer
    You can pay them.

    There just may be a tax implication.


  • CSan89CSan89 MAAT Posts: 207
    If it is to commute to a single place of work then mileage wouldn't count anyway. Do you mean the cycle to work scheme or is it a scheme by the company due to parking/ green initiatives?
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  • MaresaMaresa Co DurhamRegistered Posts: 6
    It’s not to their base place of work. Mileage would apply if they used the standard HMRC recognised modes of travel ... car or motorbike or bicycle. There’s no special scheme involved, just someone who relies on a mobility scooter to get around and uses it as their ‘car’.
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